Messing about on the river!

Canoe trip on 29 July 2018!

This is a great experience for everyone especially if you’ve never tried it before. Edgerley to Montford Bridge drifting down the river Severn. It’s a half day course which should take around 3 hours to complete, plus stopping off half way for a bite to eat and drink. Cost will be £20 each. 50% deposit up front to secure a place. Jackie needs to book this fairly soon as it’s likely to fill up so could she have a show of interest please?!

Minimum age is 7 years old but must be in a canoe with an adult. Having said that it’s very tiring on your upper body so bear that in mind please. And there’s a minimum age of 16 years old if they want a canoe to themselves.
Would like numbers as soon as possible please. I can’t book until then and the longer I leave it the higher the chance our preferred date will go. Thank you !!

Any questions please ask, there are lots of practicalities and information to discuss and Jackie will post the fine details soon on our Facebook page (click here for the link for the event details on our Facebook page).


by Johanna Persson