After years of little to no exercise, I jointed Broseley Joggers C25k and found something that I enjoyed doing.  I only ever intended to ‘graduate’ but several 5 & 10k races on ………. well, what can I say?

I’m not the fastest, nor can I run the furthest, but I CAN now run, and I love it – I have finally found ‘my’ sport!

What helps is being surrounded by likeminded people who offer encouragement, support and good advice (or silence) when needed – which is great motivation.

I now enjoy running with the club so much that I decided to train as a run leader to offer others the same encouragement and support that spurred me on from 10m to 1000m (and who knows what the future will bring?).  That said – I seem to have found a recent love of hills and can sometimes find a way to incorporate one or two into club runs (thanks David!) lol

So, come and join us and see if running with Broseley Joggers is for you.  We have something to offer everyone from beginners (join our annual C25k and celebrate with a 5k park run at the end), to more experienced runners looking to improve time/distance, or just runners looking for a social chat and/or some company on a run.

After 47 years I finally found ‘my’ sport thanks to Broseley Joggers – will you find ‘your’ sport?  Only one way to find out…………