Broseley Joggers AGM 2017

The club’s second AGM was held at the Duke of York in Broseley where the reports from the committee members were shared and the committee members for 2017-2018 were elected.

The chair’s report read:

This past year has thrown a lot of challenges at Broseley Joggers, we have been without a run leader for most of the year now, and our numbers have dwindled somewhat. Despite this, somehow, Broseley Joggers has continued – even through the winter months, just a bunch of people wanting to get their trainers out, whatever the weather, to support each other; to push themselves that bit harder and run that bit further; to share the experience and the exhilaration and buzz of running.

Firstly, I would like to thank our former run leaders: to Andy, to Louise and to Ann, for leading countless evening runs and putting their time in to improve other people’s running, often ahead of their own needs – I know I personally couldn’t have done it without them. I would like to thank Helen and Tiff for doing the run leader training and giving it a go, before succumbing to work and family commitments. I would like to thank Ann for also being our Treasurer and setting up our bank account – no easy task! To anyone else I’ve missed who has supported Joggers in the past, we wish all of you all the best in your future endeavours.

In the past 12 months we have applied for various funding, making our name known in the process if not receiving any actual money. Last July we took part in the ‘Broseley goes Walking’ event, which was a popular training session on the Birch followed by pizza, and our information was included in the leaflet which was delivered to every house in Broseley. In September, we took over Park Run and (thankfully) didn’t cause an incident! We have also had some great social nights, some which did cause an incident!

I am optimistic about our future. As long as people turn up to run, Broseley Joggers will continue.

We have 93 members on the Broseley Joggers facebook page – imagine if they all came out for a run at the same time! Many members consider themselves to be part of Joggers, whether they are now running with other clubs or haven’t managed to run with us for a while. Looking back through Facebook, it’s great to see photos of shiny happy proud faces, and it’s great to see races coming up and people arranging to run together again.

We would like to build on what we have. We would like to train new run leaders over the next year; we would like to promote the club again, to attract new and old runners, and we would like to continue to support all abilities of runners to achieve and improve their own running. Thank you Joggers!

Claire Eccles, Vice Chair

by Johanna Persson