Spond Runners App Migration has begun

BroJos have been using RunTogether to list runs and record attendance since late 2020 and its performance and usefulness has not kept up with our needs and it is time to move on.  You should by now have received an invitation to join our group on Spond. 

You’ll need to fill in some basic details and you can either access it through a web page or a smartphone app.  You’ll see our usual activities on offer and you will also get sent a reminder to sign up for (or decline) sessions which really helps the run leaders tailor the sessions to runners abilities and numbers expected. 

Run leaders are able to upload routes, message all invitees with any pertinent information and you can also interact more if you wish to.

For those of you who use electronic calendars you can save events to your calendars.

If you read the post in Spond you’ll also find the details of the summer conditioning programme we are offering you and you will see a trial of a monthly socials after the success of last week’s event.

(Link to the group in the email)

Hope to see you at a club activity soon

by Lee Bowden