Life after C25K

Is there life after C25K?

In just 2 weeks you will all be facing this dilemma. I’ve done it, so what do I do now? There is one option we all hope you don’t choose – the 5K2C. Please don’t waste all your great work over the past 2 months, do something to maintain your fitness and preferably improve upon it.

You may choose to stop running but use your improved fitness as a stepping stone to some other activity; walking the dog, playing with the kids / grandchildren, cycling to work (and back again which might be the challenge!).

You may want to continue running. You’ve seen the benefits of being part of a group, how we all work together and support each other. You are all welcome to join Broseley Joggers. You know when we meet (6-30 every Tuesday and Thursday in case you’d forgotten). There is no commitment, no-one forcing you to come to every session (most members don’t). The excuse that “I’m too slow, I’ll hold everyone up” doesn’t work; the faster runners will loop back and thank you for giving them the opportunity to run up that hill twice.

We don’t have a formal 5K+ programme but we have a mix of regular runs and training sessions which are designed to keep us all fit, make us improve and provide a base for anyone training for an event (5K, 10K, ½ or full marathon…), whether just hoping to finish or treating it as a race. We don’t have a fixed schedule every week, we try to be flexible and cater for everyone on the night and most importantly we adapt according to the weather. Where numbers allow, we will have two groups.

We plan to have an “interval session” every other Tuesday. These may involve sprinting up hills or chasing stuffed animals around the car park. You won’t be able to decide if it’s hard work or fun.

Very important: The meeting point for the group over winter is in Ironbridge, in the main car park by the bridge. We move down there for the winter as there is more scope for varied runs in the dark. Typical routes are along the river to the Woodbridge (a favourite flat one), up Calcutts and Balls Lane to the cricket club, a loop round to Jackfield Bridge or up Station Road to Coalbrookdale. There will be a shortcut for anyone struggling with the distance. Torches and some form of Hi-Viz are needed on most routes.

Our first meeting in Ironbridge will be Tuesday 21st November. We hope some of you will join us.

by Johanna Persson