Life After C25K

Now the C25K has finished and people are settling back into their own routines – How has completing the C25K encouraged people to keep running?

As a club we are very happy with how many people have continued running on a regular basis and joined us on our twice weekly club runs – this is such a great achievement for our new members and also for the club.  David who is a run leader says “that he feels the greatest achievement is the number of people who have carried on running with us.”

We would like to share with you a small example of what people are doing after C25K:

  • Linda and Martin Munday have been running the Telford Park Run on a regular basis and have both knocked about 3mins off their PB.  Martin also helped with marshalling at the park runs.
  • Joanne Aston has entered the Bridgnorth 10k and Edinburgh 10k and she has improved her PB by 6mins.
  • Steven Lewis has entered and completed a number of events including; Shrewsbury 10k, Apley10k, Bridgnorth 10k and Western Park 10k.  He has also challenged himself to complete a virtual 50miles this month after having completed a 20miles virtual run.  He is now running a sub 25min at the Telford Park Run.
  • Lindsey Anson has completed the Shrewsbury 10k and has entered the Bridgnorth 10k.
  • Hannah Bullimore has entered a number of events including Brewood 10k and Bridgnorth 10k.
  • Comments from the graduates completing the C25K were; how much they enjoyed and appreciated the support and encouragement from club members and run leaders.

The club is planning on running another C25K probably around Easter 2019, and we look forward to welcoming another group of people then.


by allison