My name is Johanna Persson and I’m one of the run leaders.

I started running first back in 2007 but did the classic thing of pushing too hard too fast so found myself injured and unable to do much other than sit on the couch …… every now and again I would give it another go and the same would happen. Then in 2013 I came across Broseley Joggers which had just started up and was all about encouraging people of all walks of life to find the benefits of running in a group.  So I decided to be brave and give it a go (I usually don’t like group stuff) and I’m so glad I did!

I have now been running injury free ever since.  I just take it at my pace and do the distance I feel up for and make sure I give myself a break when I need to. Thanks to that I have manage to complete lots of short and long runs, even a full marathon!

The people in this club have been so supportive to me and I’ve felt welcome regardless if I’ve been in a mood to just quietly keep to myself or to have a chat with others. I hope you too feel that this group fits what you are looking for.