C25K starts today!

Day 1 of the 10 week Couch to 5K programme! We are excited to meet all the new C25K participants for the first session this evening! Here is some information of what to expect this first evening as we meet at the Broseley Library Car Park (TF12 5EQ).

On this first session we will first check you are all on our register to make sure we know who is out with us. If you’ve already sent your membership form then aim to turn up just before 6.30pm to confirm you are there. For those of you who have not yet sent us your membership form, we ask that you get there for 6.15pm to complete this and to ensure your name is on our register. We will bring a few blank copies that you can use.

Once the admin is sorted then we will begin with introducing us who will be supporting you through this programme and some helpful information to make sure we all enjoy ourselves safely. Tonight you should meet David who will be leading this session with support from Claire, Jacqueline and Johanna. You should meet Pete later on in the programme. We will be wearing high viz jackets so should be easy to spot.

After introductions we move on to what we are all there for – the C25K training! Our sessions will always start with a warm up before we set of for the main session where after we will do some cool down and gentle stretches.

If you are getting there by car then you can park it by the library as there are a number of spaces there free of charge. If it becomes full then there may be spaces along the high street etc. Just make sure to drive and park considerately. If you can car share then do.

Our sessions will be on, come sun or rain. The only reason we would cancel would be because of extreme and dangerous weather. If that was the case then we will post it on the C25k Facebook group. So if it is raining we just dress accordingly with some waterproofs or fleeces to keep warm and dry.

If you want some more tips of what to think of then please check out our C25k webpage where we’ve collated a few helpful things.

See you later!

by Johanna Persson