C25K Graduation 2017

What a proud moment! After 10 weeks of fantastic commitment, support and efforts from each and everyone involved, we’ve suddenly reached the goal of achieving a full 5K! Below are some of the pictures from graduation day (click on the pics to make them larger). I don’t think anyone will say it’s been easy but then I do think everyone agree that it has been really enjoyable and a great experience! We have been on this journey together and it is with mixed feelings that we’ve reached this point. The exhilaration and sense of pride is immense! At the same time it is with some sadness that we see it coming to an end. But as with all good ends, they usually bring us to new starts! So we hope that you will all continue to harness this joy and sense of achievement by continuing running! You know where to find us and we so hope that you will continue to run with us and brighten up the streets of Broseley and Ironbridge!

by Johanna Persson