Annual Membership form renewals

It’s that time of year again where we need to make sure that we’ve got up to date contact details for our regular club runners.

You can find the membership form on our website as a PDF or Word document (click here) which you can print or email to Alternatively, you can also ask Vicky (who is our membership officer), or one of the run leaders or committee members (click here to see who our run leaders and committee members are) for a ready printed copy when you attend one of our club runs so you can complete it and hand it in to one of them on the day.

Am I a regular club runner?

You are a regular club runner if you join us every now and again for a Tuesday or Thursday run. Some come every time, some join us every few weeks. As long as you run with us we see you as being part of our Club and we therefore need you to complete a membership form.

Of course if you have only just come to try us out and find out if we are the club for you, then you don’t have to complete the membership form straight away. We welcome you to join us for two or three sessions before we ask you to complete the form but do let the run leader know that you are new to the group so they know to look out for you as we all head out for the run.

Is there a membership fee?

There is no set membership fee to be a Broseley Jogger but we do welcome a voluntary contribution. We suggest a contribution of £10 per person per year but we welcome whatever you feel willing and able to offer.

How often do I have to complete this form?

Once you’ve been for a few runs with us then we ask that you complete the form, what ever time of year that is. After that we ask you to make sure that you update the form once per year, usually around March/April. Of course if there are any changes in your details, such as getting a new number or moving home etc., then we need you to again update the form so we have your current details.


So next time you strap those running shoes on, remember to bring the completed membership form and hand that in to Vicky or one of the run leaders/committee members!



by Johanna Persson