Annual General Meeting 2019

Broseley Joggers is a friendly and accessible running club that was started in 2013 and has been carried on by a group of people who wanted to enjoy social, supportive and enjoyable runs together around Broseley and the surrounding area.

In 2016 the club created a Committee to guide and ensure the future of the club. The committee is essential to:

  • represent the interests of its members in the wider running community as well as in the local area
  • to apply for funding
  • train run leaders

Our fourth AGM will take place at 8pm on Tuesday 26 March 2019 at the Duke of York Inn, and we would like to invite you to put forward your ‘expression of interest’ to support this, to become a committee member.

All the committee posts are up for re-election as is usual, some current officers may wish to stand down whilst others may be happy to continue. As well as the officers with specific named roles, there are up to five places available on the committee for additional members to provide support in any way they are able.

Committee role overview:




Run Leader Representative

Social Secretary

Membership Officer

Communications Officer

Ordinary Officer

Ordinary Officer

Ordinary Officer

The committee members, and in particular those in the roles of ordinary officers, have the opportunity to develop their individual roles in line with their particular interests and the needs of the club.

On behalf of the club membership, we would like to applaud the fantastic work of all the members of the committee (past and present), and all the run leaders we have ever had, without whom we would have no regular running evenings. But it’s important that new blood is injected to the committee, regularly and often. So here is an appeal to any member who feel they might be able to assist the club as a committee member, either in a specific post or generally. We understand that most people will only be able to offer limited time due to work and family commitments; all we ask is that you help where you can and attend meetings when you are able to. Committee members should also be taking part in the regular club runs, as often as they can. Your contribution will help to keep the club running smoothly and ensure its long term success. We tend to have quarterly meetings, and any business in the interim is undertaken by email or short gatherings.

If you think you might be able to offer your services to the club in some capacity for the coming year, then please do contact the Club secretary Johanna Persson (, and/or come to the AGM to put your name forward at the meeting.

The draft agenda for the upcoming AGM is copied in below. If you would like to add to the agenda or put forwards a motion for discussion, then please let Johanna Persson, Club Secretary, know so she can update the agenda accordingly.

Item     Details

1          Welcome and introductions along with apologies for absence

2          Agree the agenda.

3          Review minutes from previous AGM

4          Annual reports shared from committee members

5          Election of officers for the Management Committee

6          Motions:

6a)      To review if the club should continue to offer free membership with voluntary contributions or if a set membership fee is to be introduced

We look forward to seeing members at the upcoming AGM on 26 March after the club run.

It’s your club, so come along!

Claire Eccles, Chair, Broseley Joggers

by Johanna Persson