An award to support the club from Broseley Town Council

I realise that running is probably a long way from people’s minds at the moment, but thought I’d share some more good news.
We’ve been awarded ¬£220 by Broseley Town Council towards the cost of equipment to support our weekly sessions and the C25K project. In the letter it states:

‘We understand that your regular sessions are well attended and that the C25K initiative has been very successful. It is good to hear that you have been able to encourage people in the town to become¬†more active’

So I’m just passing on the committee’s thanks both to the C25K participants and our regular members.
Your support has made a massive difference. Their meeting took place the same evening as our second last C25K session. An evening that we filled the car park! They couldn’t fail to notice.

/ Pete Welch, Club Treasurer

by Johanna Persson